Jan 17, 2012

Get ready for Versace at an affordable price

Ever wanted to own something beautiful from Versace, but couldn't justify the price?  Now you can own gorgeous dresses, bathing suits and more from the new collection launching in partnership with H&M.

Clothing goes on sale January 19th, 2012.  You can see the preview collection here.

I'm currently in love with the blue silk dress.  If you're planning on going on a cruise, (read honeymoon) this cruise collection will definitely make you look like a posh celebrity.  Best of all, if anyone asks, you can just tell them it's Versace. :)

Wear this for any hot spring events including bachelorette parties, your rehearsal dinner, and of course, your honeymoon!

Jan 13, 2012

Win a wedding gown contest

Ever dreamed of being an Enzoani Bride? Now you have the chance to win the gown of your dreams!

Jan 10, 2012

Vintage Style Glamour

From Movie W.E.
I think that Hollywood is starting to finally realize that everyone is sick and tire of the same old regurgitated story lines at the theaters. The biggest box office hits are more original plot lines and historically interesting figures.

I'm quite happy about this as we get to see some beautiful set designs, story lines and fashion.  The above photo is from the movie W.E. about King Edward who gave up the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American woman who was twice divorced (scandalous at the time).  She was known for her slender figure and homely face. She put her figure to good use as she was always dressed beautifully and fashion forward. 

She didn't capture the attention of men from her looks, but from her fashion sense and how put together she was.

You have to love the woman that coined the phrase, "You can never be too rich or too thin".

In keeping with inspiration from vintage fashion, I've put together many gorgeous bridal gowns with inspiration from the 30's on up to the 50's. 

Jan 1, 2012

Peppermint patty whoopie pies

If you asked me what my favorite thing in the world to eat was, I'd tell you chocolate. It's so delicious and so versatile. How so,you ask? Well I've had steaks at restaurants before where they've made a savory cocoa sauce to accompany the steak....pure genius.

I've never been a candy girl, someone into sugary sweets. I usually wipe all the frosting off cakes and could care less about 100% sugar treats.

Chocolate is so wonderful and I'm always trying to do different desserts with it. For my Christmas party, I decided to do whoopie pies. Never had one? It's a classic New England treat; chocolate cakes turned sandwich with a frosting center.

I have made these before, the classic version; which involves fluff (another New England thing). "Fluff" or Fluffinutter is a super-sweet marshmallow "soup" in a plastic tub that's traditionally used as the frosting in the sandwich. I however dislike it's super-sweet taste by itself. It's just too much for my taste.

Looking to elevate my frosting to that of my "whoopie pie chocolate dreams", I decided to experiment with something a little more upscale.