Submit your Wedding or Event
Looking to submit your wedding or event to Posh Parties? Here’s the scoop.
Please visit For your submission to be reviewed you must include at least 10 photos (though we prefer 25 or more)*, large images are prefered, a description of the event, and a list of vendor credits. We accept any type of party or event inspiration submissions for the blog including: rehearsal dinners, showers, photo shoots, engagement sessions, birthday parties, company events etc…
Thank you!
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For your Submissions to be Reviewed and Accepted they must follow the below critera:
  1. Submissions must be from the person hosting the event, a coordinator, photographer or company involved with the event.  The submission must be approved by all vendors involved and listed in the event.  No guests or people shown in photos should be submited without their approval.
  2. Your information must be provided (names, date and location information) 
  3. Your images: Please send 10 or more and must be 500 pixels or larger in width
  4. Description: Please let us know about this event.  If it had a theme, special budget, any special details,etc.
  5. Vendors with links.  Remember the photographer must give approval of our use of images before we will consider posting.
  6. Let us know if content is on the web already.

If you content has been posted somewhere else, you will get lower priority compared to a submission that is not floating around on the web already.  Please let us know if your content is New or Pre-Posted
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Want to Advertise?  
I spend lots of time showing my fans beautiful events and ideas.  I'd love to show off yours too!  Advertise with me!  Just send an email to:
and put 'Advertise' in the subject line.  Give me a description of what you want the ad to look like, your company logo, images, etc.  And I can build you an ad to display on my page.  Pricing depends on where and the length of time you run the ad.  See below for more details.

Posh Parties offers national Internet exposure through various marketing channels. Promoting your store through Posh Parties is affordable and efficient compared to other major Internet directories.
While you can always just put your basic information out there on the internet on a "Yellow Pages" Directory, you can't get the specific demographic your looking for anyplace but here. We are constantly updating our website with new content and publishing through other social media outlets, bringing your potential customers back again and again, hungry for fresh content.
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Site Statistics
We hope to make Posh Parties one of the Internet's most frequently viewed blogs about living a lavish life on a budget.  Our goal is to have our site averages 50,000 hits daily, and  linked to over 1,000 outside websites. 

 If you are interested in seeing our site statistics please look in the right hand column of our site and click on "view stats".

 What you see is what we see, we do not hide our statistics.  We are quite proud of our fanbase.

Free Listing
Looking for a free listing on Posh Parties?  We offer a free 1 month listing to any approved advertiser that wishes to give away a relevant product to a lucky reader.  You get a  spot on the right hand side of our blog for a 1 month span (125x125 px) & we will mention you in our promotional posting.  We only ask that you provide a great gift to our readers & do a reciprocal link and mention of us on your website.
Featured Listing (Our BEST value at only $35/ month)
When you invest in a Featured Listing with Posh Parties, shoppers will see you as the first thing on the top, right hand side of my blog.  You will get an animated*or static link (250x250px in size) your choice.
· Featured Listings appear first and in stand-out color above all free listings.
· Your store's logo and a link to its website and online store are included in your Deluxe Listing. 
* Animated can be up to 3 frames.

Mini Listing (Another GREAT value at just $25/ month)
With a Mini Listing, shoppers will see you on the right hand side of my blog underneath the featured listings.  All mini listings are 125x125px.  These listings come as static 1-frame link ads.

Link-Logo Listing
(Super economical for only $10/month)
A Link-Logo Listing is another economical way to get more exposure for your store for a discount. With a Link-Logo Listing, shoppers will see your link below the mini listings on the right hand side of our site.

· Your store's logo and a link to its website and online store are included in your Link-Logo Listing.

Simple to Advertise, Quality Service, Great Content, Cost-Effective
Our promotion options are uncomplicated, our service and response are swift, and our site is a great resource for readers looking to beautify their wedding.

Please contact us directly for more information.

Deluxe Listing: $35.00 (per store per month)
Mini Listing: $25.00 (per store per month)
Link-Logo Listing: $10.00 (per store per month)
Simply tell us what you would like for your ad, the length of time you would like it to run and once we approve you as a relevant vendor, we will send you a quote.  E-mail it to our advertising department.
Payments accepted via check or paypal.