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Dec 21, 2012

A November Wedding in Maine

I was lucky enough to be able to help plan for this very special intimate wedding that took place in November at the York Harbor Inn in Maine.  This couple was just wonderful to work with and the little details of this wedding were absolutely lovely.


 The reception was breathtaking as the room was lit entirely by candlelight...

Nov 9, 2012

Real Wedding - Carrie & Paul coming soon!

Hey Readers!

Guess what I've got lined up for you? A Real Wedding coming soon!  Stay tuned as I post photos of the event held at the York Harbor Inn in York, ME.

The Bride & Groom were a wonderful couple to work with.  It was a very intimate wedding of around 35 people on the gorgeous New England coastline.

Check back often to see some of my posts of this lovely soiree and the beautiful details that made it a success!  Congratulations Carrie & Paul - November 4th, 2012

Jul 18, 2012

Save those heels from sinking in grass & get grass stains out of your heels!

Okay Ladies it's time to share an age-old problem that I've encountered too many times at other weddings as well as my own.

It's sinking in the grass.

We all dread it, but we love our heels and wouldn't go without them on the grass because:
A. it's a wedding. You've got to have your photos look nice
B. heels make our legs look amazing

So as badly as our heels turn into cleats on a lawn, we all love a pretty pair of heels, grass be damned. What's a girl to do? don't say switch to flats, get Heels Above!  I not only got married outside, I had a million photos taken outside with my bridal party.  I had ivory shoes (can you say grass stains) and they had silver.  It had rained the entire week before my wedding so the grass was pretty damp.  I would have loved to have these.  It's so hard traipsing around in a big dress while you're sinking every step.

these shoes had removable embellishments
Still dealing with grass stains on your beautiful wedding shoes?  Here's what I did to fix it.
I took a scoop of oxyclean and put it into a big plastic bucket (the kind you find in a home improvement store) and filled it with water to just cover the shoes.  I let the shoes soak overnight in the bucket (my shoes had no embellishments, they were strictly fabric.  Not sure if this would rust shoes that have bling).  Then I took the shoes out of the soak and threw them in the washing machine on delicate and threw in another big scoop of oxyclean.

Jun 8, 2012

Reinvent standard Wedding foods to go upscale on a budget

Everyone's been to the wedding that has the standard cocktail hour fare.  The cheese, crackers, chips and dip in a giant pile on a table.  All the guests idly pick, waiting for the good stuff to come out....

You need to feed your guests and your on a budget. What is a bride to do?

When items like bacon wrapped scallops are out of your price range, what do you do?  It's simple, just take the boring old stuff and make it exciting.  It's all about turning the ordinary into the extraordinary to make your guests remember your wedding.

If you're having an at-home wedding reception you can save big time on costs.  One of the most expensive parts of your wedding will be feeding and liquoring-up your guests. Doing something low-key and at home will reduce costs significantly when you remove the rental fee.  Now, what to do about that boring food display?

One of the coolest ideas I recently stumbled upon was turning everyday h'ourderves and food displays into cosmopolitan foods that your guests will clamor for.  The best part is it's completely within your budget and looks high-end.

Uncle Bubba's Crab Martini

Idea 1: A Salad-Tini Bar
What you'll need: disposable martini glasses, Salad stuff (lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, etc.), a mixologist (this can be your neighbors kid that wants $50 for the night), a large cocktail shaker, pretty bowls and a makeshift bar (just cover any high table with a tablecloth or rent a portable bar.
What to do: Have guests get in line and have them point out what items they'd like in their salad.  The mixologist will add the items to the cocktail shaker, mix it up and pour it into a martini glass.  Viola! you have an amazing looking display your guests won't stop talking about, and it's just salad.

Idea 2: Cocktail Fruit (or how to get your guests drunk on a budget)
Shelling out the money for booze is up there in the budget buster for a wedding.  You've already heard about the one signature cocktail or limiting your alcohol to just beer and wine, but what else can you do to bring down the costs and slow the line down at the bar?

May 21, 2012

Intimate Wedding - Zuckerberg marries long-time girlfriend Priscilla Chan

via graziadaily
Zuckerberg surprized guests at a graduation party for his long-time girlfriend, Priscilla Chan.  Instead of walking into the expected party, guests ended up celebrating the couple's wedding.  The small guest list of about 100 people got to see the couple exchange their vows in a traditional and low-key style.

Zuckerberg is no stranger to the spotlight. From the movie The Social Network to the stock sale of Facebook, Zuckerberg has been heralded as a genius and vilified as a thief. The need for such a personal thing to be out of the public eye was most likely behind the couple's decision to share this special event with friends and family in private fashion.

Many couples are now turning to small venues and intimate weddings.  It makes the event feel even more special when shared with a small group of only the closest people in your life.  Why are so many couples choosing to go small for weddings?  I've put together a list of great reasons to not invite everyone you've ever met to your wedding.

7 Benefits to to hosting a small Wedding

  1. Cost.  This is usually the first thing that comes to mind.  Weddings are a big expense.  Cut down the guest list and you cut down the food and bar bill (usually the biggest costs involved).
  2. Intimacy. Do you really need to invite your second grade teacher?  No. and she's probably not going to remember you anyway.  Keep it small.  It's less stress on the couple and easier to manage.
  3. Giving guests their proper acknowledgement.  If you have a huge group, how in the world will you ever say hello to everyone?  You know you'll get stuck at the table with the one that blabbers on and on and some guests will feel snubbed if you don't say hi.  Keeping your list small ensures you get to give your guests the welcome feeling they deserve.

Apr 27, 2012

How to make your Fashion Dollars stretch in a down economy

As a woman, I love to look my best whenever I go out.

When you look good, you feel good. I also never want to be caught out in public looking terrible, because your bound to run into someone you know. How awful would it be to run into an ex and you're in pajamas and rollers? You know they're going home thinking, "wow best decision I ever made was dumping her."

If you're like most people in this economy and you've had to cut back but you feel you need a little pampering once in a while, you're not alone. Companies are laying off workers and doubling the workload of employees (I'm dealing with it firsthand). The stress and overwork with no increase (and sometimes even a pay cut ) is hard to deal with.

If you bump your attitude up into something positive and decide to dress for success, you can get yourself noticed by your own company or possibly another if you're looking for a new job.

If you're wondering how to do it with a closet full of tired, old, I'll-fitting clothes, I have some tips for you to go out and get top notch looks for less.

  • I've discovered the wonderful world of consignment shops in high-falutin' towns. It's amazing what you'll find. Brand new Louis Vuitton handbags, never used for more than 50% off retail. Designer jeans that were $150 and worn once for $25. Dresses, suits, jewelry and watches all designer and unaffordable for most, now at much less than retail.
You really shouldn't snub consignment shops. They're definitely worth a look. The nicer the town, usually the better the quality. 
 I got a pair of gorgeous Gucci shoes that were never worn for $189. I promptly went online to check the retail cost of $475.

Apr 19, 2012

What Makes an Event Magical?

Fairy Sparkle Dust magical lights romantic cake with a surprize

Sometimes I amaze myself how I operate in life (reality) when I daydream so often. I live in a world of hope and fantasize of something better and more beautiful than what is given to me. Give me a word and I'll write you a story.

The best way for me to explain it is that some people see what is, but I see what can be.

Yes, I know I'm a hopeless dreamer and it does get me into trouble sometimes. I sometimes get overwhelmed because I want to draw out into reality what I envision in my subconscious; it's an almost impossible task.

Because I'm driven by hope, I push on and try to bring my vision to life. I'm a creator and can't shake those tendencies.

Now that you know how I operate, let's get back to business...What makes an event magical? Well, It's about a culmination of many elements. The most important things are the idea and the experience.

Apr 11, 2012

What's your Party personality type?

Image: photostock /
 Ever wonder why you struggle planning a party?  Or maybe you wonder why you're so stressed?  If you've ever wondered how to host a better party, you might need to start with figuring out what personality type you are.  You can easily determine the type of personality you have when it comes to planning by the list I've put together of Party Planner personality types.  Which one are you?

Just as every party is unique in its own way, so are the individuals that host them.Once you know what type you are, you can be better prepared in how to handle planning a party.

You can better determine you plan of action with my guide to dealing with your personality type below.

The No-Fuss Party planner:  You're a casual type of person.  You don't like drama, you don't like worrying about the details.  All you want is for your guests to have a good time.  You're idea of setup is throwing on the radio, putting out some cold appetizers and making sure your alcohol is refrigerated.
The Benefits: The relaxed and casual environment is nice for guests and friends.
The Problems:  You have to choose your audience wisely.  You probably can't mix your rowdy friends with your uptight grandparents if it's a BYOB type of party.
The Solution: Hire an event planner for your party.  They can take care of the details you don't want to stress over and can suggest great ideas to keep your party low-fuss but still feel more personalized than just turning on any music and serving basic foods.  It will be the extra touch to make guests feel special and the link that will make mingling between ages and personalities possible.

Mar 17, 2012

Damask Wedding Inspiration

According to Wikipedia, "Damask is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving. Damasks are woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn, usually with the pattern in warp-faced satin weave and the ground in weft-faced or sateen weave. Twill damasks include a twill-woven ground or pattern."

The way we typically think of it today is by the distinct repeating floral pattern that you see in wallpapers or designs. Typically today Damask is a solid color graphic icon set upon a contrasting background.

Big Bold graphic prints are hot right now for modern weddings. It's no wonder so many brides are drawn to not only damask, but leopard print, zebra print and other big bold patterns.

Feb 27, 2012

Looking at your Wedding as a Brand

An interesting thought today is considering your Wedding as your very own brand.  As a graphic designer, event planner and marketer it's just part of my whole process.  If you're not use to this way of thinking, it's a great way to gather your thoughts into your personal style.

"There's so much wedding information floating around out there on the web, that it becomes hard to sift through everything." 

We get bombarded by color themes, cakes, flowers, etc.  How do you go picking out what you like?  And worse, what if it all doesn't go together?  You may like a pink rose bouquet, but your favorite centerpieces might have tiger lilies.  Your favorite color may be purple, but your favorite bridesmaid dresses might be green.

An Elegant Invitation from Minted
When you come up with a central theme, it can help a great deal.  How do you go picking a theme?  Well imagine your perfect wedding day.  Picture it in your mind.  Do you want elegance, romance, something modern?  Once you have that down you can begin to break down what that means into your ideals.  Lace is romantic, while a plain satin dress is modern.  Neutral palettes are elegant and timeless, while bright color palettes are more modern.

"You may find when you're done choosing your theme, what you end up with for wedding choices are much different than you originally expected." 

Tip 1. Don't feel bad about what you like.  If your thing is roses, go with it!  It's what makes you, you. Trust me you and your guests will "get it" if everything is consistent and goes well together.  You'll also feel less overwhelmed by all the stuff out there to sift through. If you were to go with a theme like this, you could deck out your invites with roses, have an all rose bouquet and find a gown covered in roses!  Don't be ashamed of it, embrace it.

Flower Covered Wedding Gown

Feb 15, 2012

Elihav Sasson 2012 Bridal Collection

1920's Hollywood Glam was the inspiration for this collection by Elihav Sasson. There's lots of beading, lace and feminine details in this hint-of-lingerie look.

Almost all the looks in this collection tend to be sleeveless despite the current trend of sleeves, boleros and other more modest looks.

If you love the look of satin, beading and traditional Wedding Gowns, this collection is definitely for you.

Feb 9, 2012

Need some color inspiration for your wedding?

via fizzyblog
If you're in need of some big color inspiration and you're totally in love with the spring and summer fashion lines coming out in 2012, you're in luck!  I've been tirelessly searching and putting together a fun, cheerful and funky inspiration board for you.  It's for a carnival inspired wedding, but the bright colors are great for any exotic color themed wedding or tropical destination wedding you might be planning.

via pinterest
"A carnival themed wedding is all about fun.  The colors are bright, bold and cheerful.  Think teals & turquoise paired with orange and fuchsia."

The food and decor should be just as fun as the colors.  Instead of a big towering wedding cake, instead try a dessert bar with fun foods (carnival finds like fried dough/funnel cakes) or bright pink whoopie pies with rainbow sprinkles.

Feb 4, 2012

2012 Wedding Trend Predictions

photo via: bridalcookie
Want to know what Wedding Trends will be hot in 2012?  I've compiled my top 10 predictions for this years big ideas.

1. Smaller guest lists for a more lavish wedding. When you have a smaller group, you can spend more money per person (aka you're wedding looks extravagant and you can spoil your guests!)
2. Making your wedding a weekend event with a post-wedding brunch and scheduling fun local activities
3. Different Centerpieces. Rather than doing a tall epic centerpiece of flowers,think out-of-the-box like hanging centerpieces.
4. Hand-painted watercolor wedding invitations.  Think gorgeous florals and fruits cascading down your invitations all hand-painted.  Posh Parties is available for this service.

Jan 17, 2012

Get ready for Versace at an affordable price

Ever wanted to own something beautiful from Versace, but couldn't justify the price?  Now you can own gorgeous dresses, bathing suits and more from the new collection launching in partnership with H&M.

Clothing goes on sale January 19th, 2012.  You can see the preview collection here.

I'm currently in love with the blue silk dress.  If you're planning on going on a cruise, (read honeymoon) this cruise collection will definitely make you look like a posh celebrity.  Best of all, if anyone asks, you can just tell them it's Versace. :)

Wear this for any hot spring events including bachelorette parties, your rehearsal dinner, and of course, your honeymoon!

Jan 13, 2012

Win a wedding gown contest

Ever dreamed of being an Enzoani Bride? Now you have the chance to win the gown of your dreams!

Jan 10, 2012

Vintage Style Glamour

From Movie W.E.
I think that Hollywood is starting to finally realize that everyone is sick and tire of the same old regurgitated story lines at the theaters. The biggest box office hits are more original plot lines and historically interesting figures.

I'm quite happy about this as we get to see some beautiful set designs, story lines and fashion.  The above photo is from the movie W.E. about King Edward who gave up the throne to marry Wallis Simpson, an American woman who was twice divorced (scandalous at the time).  She was known for her slender figure and homely face. She put her figure to good use as she was always dressed beautifully and fashion forward. 

She didn't capture the attention of men from her looks, but from her fashion sense and how put together she was.

You have to love the woman that coined the phrase, "You can never be too rich or too thin".

In keeping with inspiration from vintage fashion, I've put together many gorgeous bridal gowns with inspiration from the 30's on up to the 50's. 

Jan 1, 2012

Peppermint patty whoopie pies

If you asked me what my favorite thing in the world to eat was, I'd tell you chocolate. It's so delicious and so versatile. How so,you ask? Well I've had steaks at restaurants before where they've made a savory cocoa sauce to accompany the steak....pure genius.

I've never been a candy girl, someone into sugary sweets. I usually wipe all the frosting off cakes and could care less about 100% sugar treats.

Chocolate is so wonderful and I'm always trying to do different desserts with it. For my Christmas party, I decided to do whoopie pies. Never had one? It's a classic New England treat; chocolate cakes turned sandwich with a frosting center.

I have made these before, the classic version; which involves fluff (another New England thing). "Fluff" or Fluffinutter is a super-sweet marshmallow "soup" in a plastic tub that's traditionally used as the frosting in the sandwich. I however dislike it's super-sweet taste by itself. It's just too much for my taste.

Looking to elevate my frosting to that of my "whoopie pie chocolate dreams", I decided to experiment with something a little more upscale.