Feb 25, 2011

Weddings are about Love and Friendship

A Wedding is a great time to celebrate love and friendship, not just with your Significant Other, it's a time to celebrate those who have been there for you throughout the journey of your love story.

Don't forget about your wedding party! How many nights did your bridesmaids spend finishing your invitations with you? Who was there when you had a meltdown over your vendor not calling you back? Celebrate the people in your lives that are there for you at your celebration.

A new trend that helps you showcase how special these people are in your life is called "Meet the Maids". Typically a table is setup with photos and a little description of your bridesmaids/groomsmen. You can put how you met each other and why they are so special to you. It's a great way to say "I cherish our friendship" to those that have been there for you.

Feb 22, 2011

Bridesmaid dresses and a Mom-zilla

This past weekend was our Bridesmaid Dress search.  I can tell you that my bridesmaids are great, it's dealing with my mom that isn't.  From seeing other moms at dress shops and my own experience, it seems like moms seem to think it's their day.  Does anyone else have the same experience with a Mom-zilla or do you seem to find your wedding to be a great bonding experience?

I've dealt with my mother saying I look fat in wedding dresses, to saying my color palettes should change to X to saying that my taste is horrendous.

I'm glad i picked out my gown with my friends rather than my mom; especially after my first try with her met with less than great confidence.

So since she nagged to come to the Bridesmaid dress search, I had her come along.  While (thank goodness) she didn't call my bridesmaids fat, she did put in her two cents... and not in a good way.  It wasn't a constructive criticism or a maybe you should try this or any sort of support.  It was, "You need to pick this dress length, this dress and this dress color".  I finally had it and said, "Listen, it's my wedding and I'm going to pick the bridesmaid dress that I think is best."  I said to myself,"Maybe I just came across as a bitch in front of my bridesmaids and the whole dress shop, but whatever.  She's being really demanding."

Am I out of line?  I don't mind her thoughts, but it was like she was making the final decision.

Here is the dress.  I loved it because it was glamorous, it worked on the body of all my girls and everyone seemed to like the dress.

Feb 16, 2011

Shoe Steal of the Day

Want to add a little bling to your look?

Steve Madden
You might be eyeballing the glittertastic Steve Madden Shoes Caryssa in Gold. 

As pretty as these shoes are, you might not love the price tag of $129.95. 

However, there is no need to fear.  I've found shoes that are so similar, you may even be able to trick the best fashionistas into thinking they are the real deal.  No, you're not seeing double.

Take a look at this Mossimo pair that's selling on Target.com for only 29.99.  $100 less than the Steve Madden ones!  These would be fabulous for a glamorous event or a wedding!

Feb 7, 2011

My Fun and Funky Wedding Shoes

Betsey Johnson Layla
As in a previous post, I encouraged all brides to move beyond the classic white shoes for some fun and flirty photos.

Since my wedding colors are navy and fuschia/hot pink, I naturally longed for shoes that would fit my personality.  I found a pair I loved, but alas they do not make them anymore.  I wanted to cry.  Are these not the most fabulous shoes in the history of world?

They are by Betsey Johnson and they are called Layla.  They're two different shades of pink, covered in glitter and have lots of Bling.  They are definitely my style.  But I seem to have discovered them too late.  They don't make them anymore.  That might be a good thing. 

I don't think my future husband would like going out with me while I'm wearing these little beauties.   They are pretty over-the-top.

Elke in Navy
Even though I was pretty disappointed I wouldn't get my Layla shoes, I decided to continue my quest for some really cute shoes to wear with my gown. 

I found a pair I really liked.  I think they're a little more classy than the Layla shoes and I can wear them out after!  The brand is Nina and the shoes are called Elke. 

Guess what?   They make them in Navy and Fushia!  I couldn't decide which pair I wanted, so I broke down and got both.  Once they arrive I'll show off my beautiful pairs of shoes.

Elke in Fushia

What I think I'll end up doing is wearing the blue pair for my rehearsal dinner and the fuchsia pair for the actual wedding.

Feb 6, 2011

Cookies and Milk

What food does everyone love and remember from their childhood as a delicious treat?  That would be cookies & milk. Nothing quite beats a cold glass of milk paired with some warm yummy chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven.  If for nothing else, your house smells delicious after.

Your guest will appreciate it too if you give them a little treat. Whether it's your favor to your guests, or boxed up as a midnight snack for out-of-town guests to take away with them, everyone loves cookies and milk.

Some brides might even forgo the cake and go straight for a dessert buffet/bar, of course, including the classic cookies.

Cookie Buffet DIY how to:
Make your batches of cookie dough 1 week in advance and freeze.  The day before, place in the fridge to thaw, then proceed to bake.  Get lots of pretty dishes to serve your cookies in.  Make sure to mix up heights by placing some cookies on pedestals. Use doilies and other pretty papers to place cookies on. 

Grab some glass milk bottles filled with 1%, whole, chocolate and even strawberry if you're feeling wild. Place them in a tub filled with ice and you have a perfect treat for your guests!

Feb 5, 2011

Wedding Trend: Photojournalistic Photography

If you're a bride like me, you dread the traditional wedding photo album.  I can't stand the rigidity of classic wedding photos.  Stand here, turn your head and smile.  It's so stiff and unnatural looking.  Then add the edge fade to the photos and I go just about nutty.  It's so cheesy.

web source: dolcesposa.com image: earthyphotography.com
Luckily there is some hope for you if you're looking for something different!  Try a photojournalistic photographer.   They'll capture moments that look and feel spontaneous, natural and fun.  You can still ask for your photos with your family together, but the majority of photos will be fun, exciting and will capture the true memories of the day.

What does photojournalistic photography look like?

Your photography should be looking for exciting shots throughout the day to tell a story in pictures.  He or she will be shooting pictures of things like the bride getting ready, the bridal party laughing in the limo and the groomsmen doing silly things before the wedding.  Your photographer will probably want to do some unconventional shots too, like photos in unlikely places and glamour shots.

The photography below took advantage of the bride having her bridesmaids carry parasols.  This unconventional shot made for a great photo.
image: http://www.hephoto.ca

Feb 4, 2011

Beyond White for your Wedding Day

image: weddingobsession.com

While every classic Bride has pretty white shoes for her Wedding Day, we love the trend of matching your shoe color with your wedding colors.

Not only is it practical (when will you ever wear white shoes again?)  It also makes for some really amazing photos.  

If you really want to make a statement, put your bridesmaids in the same color shoes, or a contrasting color for  a real "pop" in your photos. 

Southern Magazine has a great example of this in the photo below.  Black, White and Red make quite a statement.
image: http://www.swsmag.net
 If you're lucky enough to have a very compromising groom or even groomsmen that don't mind a little deviation from normal black socks, a cute idea is to ask your Groom (and possibly his groomsmen) to wear socks matching your shoe color.  
image: weddingbee.com