Feb 27, 2012

Looking at your Wedding as a Brand

An interesting thought today is considering your Wedding as your very own brand.  As a graphic designer, event planner and marketer it's just part of my whole process.  If you're not use to this way of thinking, it's a great way to gather your thoughts into your personal style.

"There's so much wedding information floating around out there on the web, that it becomes hard to sift through everything." 

We get bombarded by color themes, cakes, flowers, etc.  How do you go picking out what you like?  And worse, what if it all doesn't go together?  You may like a pink rose bouquet, but your favorite centerpieces might have tiger lilies.  Your favorite color may be purple, but your favorite bridesmaid dresses might be green.

An Elegant Invitation from Minted
When you come up with a central theme, it can help a great deal.  How do you go picking a theme?  Well imagine your perfect wedding day.  Picture it in your mind.  Do you want elegance, romance, something modern?  Once you have that down you can begin to break down what that means into your ideals.  Lace is romantic, while a plain satin dress is modern.  Neutral palettes are elegant and timeless, while bright color palettes are more modern.

"You may find when you're done choosing your theme, what you end up with for wedding choices are much different than you originally expected." 

Tip 1. Don't feel bad about what you like.  If your thing is roses, go with it!  It's what makes you, you. Trust me you and your guests will "get it" if everything is consistent and goes well together.  You'll also feel less overwhelmed by all the stuff out there to sift through. If you were to go with a theme like this, you could deck out your invites with roses, have an all rose bouquet and find a gown covered in roses!  Don't be ashamed of it, embrace it.

Flower Covered Wedding Gown

Feb 15, 2012

Elihav Sasson 2012 Bridal Collection

1920's Hollywood Glam was the inspiration for this collection by Elihav Sasson. There's lots of beading, lace and feminine details in this hint-of-lingerie look.

Almost all the looks in this collection tend to be sleeveless despite the current trend of sleeves, boleros and other more modest looks.

If you love the look of satin, beading and traditional Wedding Gowns, this collection is definitely for you.

Feb 9, 2012

Need some color inspiration for your wedding?

via fizzyblog
If you're in need of some big color inspiration and you're totally in love with the spring and summer fashion lines coming out in 2012, you're in luck!  I've been tirelessly searching and putting together a fun, cheerful and funky inspiration board for you.  It's for a carnival inspired wedding, but the bright colors are great for any exotic color themed wedding or tropical destination wedding you might be planning.

via pinterest
"A carnival themed wedding is all about fun.  The colors are bright, bold and cheerful.  Think teals & turquoise paired with orange and fuchsia."

The food and decor should be just as fun as the colors.  Instead of a big towering wedding cake, instead try a dessert bar with fun foods (carnival finds like fried dough/funnel cakes) or bright pink whoopie pies with rainbow sprinkles.

Feb 4, 2012

2012 Wedding Trend Predictions

photo via: bridalcookie
Want to know what Wedding Trends will be hot in 2012?  I've compiled my top 10 predictions for this years big ideas.

1. Smaller guest lists for a more lavish wedding. When you have a smaller group, you can spend more money per person (aka you're wedding looks extravagant and you can spoil your guests!)
2. Making your wedding a weekend event with a post-wedding brunch and scheduling fun local activities
3. Different Centerpieces. Rather than doing a tall epic centerpiece of flowers,think out-of-the-box like hanging centerpieces.
4. Hand-painted watercolor wedding invitations.  Think gorgeous florals and fruits cascading down your invitations all hand-painted.  Posh Parties is available for this service.