Apr 10, 2013

Kentucky Derby Party

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted a party in a while and I wanted to give you an update.  I'm planning my first ever Kentucky Derby Party!  While I'd definitely be considered a Yankee, I've always loved the idea of the Derby.  There's something very romantic and traditional about it all.  (Plus to tell you the truth I wanted an excuse to wear a big ridiculous hat...I mean when else would you ever get to do that? )  

So with that in mind, I set upon designing a lovely Kentucky Derby Party.  Now the Derby motto is "Run for the Roses" and many parties show bright red roses, however I'm not really a fan of red roses.  When I think of Southern Charm and delicate flowers I think pastels, pinks, etc.  The Derby also takes place in late spring, so I wanted colors that were feminine yet had a bit of pop to them.  My palette has been Pinks, Purples and Golds.

I designed a floral pattered background and used it for my envelope liners as well as my menu background.

I wanted to do a menu inspired by Kentucky Derby staples, as well as other foods that represented springtime.  It's so nice when coming out of the dark and cold winter to have something bright and joyful.  I built a menu that was fun, feminine and delicious while holding onto the Kentucky Derby theme.

For Appetizers a bruschetta with bright ripe and juicy strawberries would be perfect for spring.  To add more springtime joy, I added an edible flower salad with poppyseed dressing.

I decided upon afternoon tea for the main course.  The selection of tea sandwiches will be a mix of cucumber, tuna, chicken and lox.

For dessert petit fours, cookies, scones and Kentucky Bourbon Cake

Beverages had to include mint juleps.  I also found out about another drink called Oaks Lilly punch which seemed much more lady friendly than the sometimes strong mint julep.

Want more inspiration?  Check out my Pinterest board Here