Oct 21, 2010

Add a touch of "wow" to your wedding or event

I don't know about you, but usually the most excitement I see at a wedding is a chocolate fountain (boring and overused). I see all this exciting stuff but just about every wedding I go to is cookie cutter and boring.
Photo: Ice Sensations of Louisiana

Spice up you next party with something chilly, an Ice Feature. This could be a stunning towering ice display as the centerpiece in your room. You can have your initials, your theme (a swan, hearts, etc.), a raw bar or even a drink luge.  Add lights for a more dramatic effect.

I know what you're thinking "Drink luge's are tacky!". It depends on what kind of drink luge. I'm not talking about the hunk of ice that people stick their mouth under and slurp shots from. I'm taking about a three piece tower filled with fruit and flowers where your bartender can disperse perfectly chilled martinis from. How "cool" and different would that be at your next event? You can have signature cocktails from the first tower, cosmos from the second and classic martinis out of the third. Now what guests wouldn't love that?


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