Mar 7, 2011

The perfect nautical cake?

So there doesn't seem to be much out there for classic looking nautical cakes. I've been on the hunt for something nice that I love and I just keep finding beach themed cakes with seashells and graham cracker "sand" dumped all over them. Hardly the look I'd imagine on a classy wedding cake. Plus my theme is more nautical, not beachy.

Dark cakes with light designs are striking, but don't look much like wedding cakes to me as chic as they are. I knew I'd need something white or ivory with elements of my pink or blue in them.

I've seen cakes with giant compass designs on the top, blue ribbons and pink flowers on them, pretty, but a bit much for what I want.

I was flipping through a bridal magazine today and saw this cake.  It's fantastic!  It's delicately nautical.  What do you think?


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