Jul 28, 2011

When DIY just isn't the answer

Martha Stewart Pom Poms, Medium White Do you know when enough is enough?  There is a point in every crafters life when they have to say to themselves "Put down the gluegun and save your own sanity".  A wedding is a great time for this and possibly the quickest way to reach your point of breaking or that of your significant other.

As an art student, I set my crafting standards high.  I wanted to do everything for my wedding and as the maid of honor in another, I wanted to take projects on as well.  The reason being that:

1. I do not have an unlimited budget for my wedding.  Would I have loved a $70-$100k wedding, sure.  My budget is more like $20-25k, but I expect it to look (when I'm done) like it was at least $50k or more.
2. I like things a certain way and I'm very detail oriented.  I wanted my theme to carry through in everything I did, so designing myself was key.
3. I went a little project crazy.  I saw my first quote on flowers and considered doing all the centerpieces myself & even my own cake.  This would be on top of aisle runners, my veil, photo books, invitations, menus, table names, etc.  Luckily, since I insisted on making my own cake for my friends bridal shower, I quickly realized that making my cake for my wedding would be wayyyyyy to stressful.  I happily paid the baker.  Searching for another florist meant that I found a place that would do MORE for HALF the cost.

I started driving my fiance nuts.  Every moment I was home, I was doing crafts.  I enjoyed it, but he was clearly annoyed.  Some things I took on failed miserably.  I tried different gel pens to test the theory of printing black ink on a dark envelope and tracing.  I can trace fine, the issue was the pens.  I gave up and realized, "better left to the professional".  I have my moments and every crafter or bride should realize that at some point paying someone is more worth it for certain things.

Your guide to "When DIY just isn't the answer"
Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Does my project take an exorbitant amount of time to do. And can it be done quickly by a professional?
2. Are you spending more in supplies trying to "get it right" or fixing mistakes?
3. Are you stressed out or have too many other tasks going on at the same time?
4. Does it look like your little cousin billy that's 5 did it?

If any of the above are true, hire someone.  Even if it's for a few things, it shouldn't take you over budget.  It should lower your stress levels, give you more time and make you a happy bride!


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