Apr 19, 2012

What Makes an Event Magical?

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Sometimes I amaze myself how I operate in life (reality) when I daydream so often. I live in a world of hope and fantasize of something better and more beautiful than what is given to me. Give me a word and I'll write you a story.

The best way for me to explain it is that some people see what is, but I see what can be.

Yes, I know I'm a hopeless dreamer and it does get me into trouble sometimes. I sometimes get overwhelmed because I want to draw out into reality what I envision in my subconscious; it's an almost impossible task.

Because I'm driven by hope, I push on and try to bring my vision to life. I'm a creator and can't shake those tendencies.

Now that you know how I operate, let's get back to business...What makes an event magical? Well, It's about a culmination of many elements. The most important things are the idea and the experience.

When I was in school one of the first tasks they gave us was take one word and draw a picture that represents that word. It was amazing how simple a concept it was and what I could imagine from it. I built entire concepts around a single word and never lost the meaning. If I could do that with a word, I knew I could do that with a concept or an idea. Take just one thing, and build an entire world around it.

An event can be magical, exciting, amazing or anything else you want it to be. The main focus is the experience.
Put yourself in someone else's shoes. How will they view what you're doing? What will their experience be like? What do you want them to hear, see, smell, taste? Is it a concise message? What will they take away from your experience.

Once you have all those things down, everything else will be much easier.  Your experience can come together seamlessly.  If you start to get off track or become overwhelmed with ideas, just go back to your original idea or concept and start crossing off what doesn't match.  One of these things is not like the other.... and yes, I just brought you back to sesame street.


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