Jan 20, 2011

Tips on serving Brunch to guests

Want to show your guests how much you appreciate them for attending to your Wedding? Consider a high-end post-wedding brunch just for them. Most hotels or Inns will serve your guests in a separate room or section off an area specifically for your guests.

Are you on a budget?  You can keep costs down by limiting the menu or having your guests serve themselves buffet style.

Want your brunch to reflect your upscale venu or discerning tastes? Choose luxury ingredients and a create a customized menu. Serve with mimosa's or bellini's for an even higher-end brunch.

If you have a venue that can't or won't serve brunch, consider hiring your food vendor you used for your Wedding.  You may even be able to negotiate a lower price for both meals by doing the combination of Wedding meals and the next day brunch.

Having an at-home wedding?  You can still do an at home brunch.  Keeping the menu small is key if you are doing it all yourself.  Above, I've created a bagel open-faced sandwich, which is relatively quick and easy to create.

- Your favorite bagels
- organic / natural bacon
- eggs
- scallions/green onions
- salt and pepper
- goat cheese or your favorite cheese

 Chop scallions into small rounds.

Get a non-stick pan and turn the heat up in the pan to medium-high.  Place the bacon in the pan when it is heated up and begins to sizzle.  Cook until crispy and drain the bacon on a paper towel.

Take half of a bagel and put in in the toaster and toast until desired.

In the meantime drain 95% of the fat in the non-stick pan and crack your egg into the pan.  Try to crack it into a smaller shape and immediately break the yolk and spread around.  sprinkle a small amount of scallions onto the egg.  Flip the egg over and take off of the heat.  Sprinkle with your cheese.

Put your Bagel on a small plate, cut side up and put your cheesy egg on top. (the cheese should be melted by now).  Top with bacon and put some salt and pepper to taste.  Sprinkle the top with the rest of your scallions.

This above recipe serves 1, however to make this for many people I recommend an assembly line of cooking.  Rather than 1 or 2 pieces of bacon cooking, grab a bigger pan and cook all your bacon and drain.  Rather than 1 half of a bagel, place 4 bagel halves in a toaster.  I still recommend cooking 1 egg at a time since they may run into each other.  To simplify this you may want to do almost 1 big "scrambled" egg in a pan and "slice" them up into 4 separate servings.


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