Dec 25, 2011

Pretty DIY Project: Kissing crystal

Ever wanted to have mistletoe hanging in your home but felt it looked a little blah?

Today's little project is my blingy take on the traditional hanging mistletoe in your home. It only cost me around $3 to make it too. If you're getting married and having a Christmas themed wedding, this would be a really cute favor to give to guests.

What you'll need:
1 Crystal (I bought a cheap acrylic one, if you want you can splurge and get a pretty glass or crystal one)
3 or more green glitter holly stems
2 or more red glitter stems
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
small Styrofoam ball (optional)

If you want your Kissing Crystal to be very full and round, I recommend the Styrofoam ball, however you will need a lot of stems to cover the ball. I also recommend covering the ball with fabric or glitter beforehand to cover the white and prevent melting from the heat of the glue gun.

Take your Crystal and attach a ribbon, loop or hook to the top. You will need this to hang it after you are done. If using the Styrofoam ball, attach the loop to the top of the ball and have the crystal hang from the bottom of the ball.

Remove the red berries from your red pick/stems and the leaves from your green pick/stems.

If using the ball, begin attaching the leaves all over the entire ball, overlapping any gaps. When done begin attaching the berries to any spots you'd like to hide stems or plastic pieces.

If you are only attaching to the crystal, begin gluing leaves to the top of the crystal in a circle and then on top of the crystal. Add your berries to fill in any gaps or spots where you'd like to hide branches.


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