Dec 8, 2011

So In love with Vintage Garters

Emily Riggs Bridal "Vintage"
I spotted these beautiful lace and rhinestone bridal garters today and fell in love.

If you're sick of all the cheap polyester mass-produced garters (probably from a sweatshop in China) that you find everywhere, this is a lovely change.

Emily Riggs Bridal "Trousseau"
The site also has other lovely lace and jewel encrusted baubles for you to wear on your special day. 

Also seen in the photo is a gorgeous rhinestone ribbon, which could be used as a beautiful headband or as a belt around your wedding gown.

I also fell in love with this other set in ivory.  It's so pretty with it's ruffles and rhinestones and is the perfect compliment to your beautiful gown.

If you're the Maid of Honor or one of the Bridesmaids any of these beautiful handmade garters would make a lovely gift for the Bride-to-Be during her bachelorette party or at her Bridal Shower.


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