Sep 10, 2010

Guide your guests to their destination

photo credit: frolic
If you have a large wedding venue, it can get pretty confusing for guests to know where to go.  A growing trend in weddings is to add little details to make life easier for your guests.

One cute idea is having signs guiding guests to the right locations.  For example, they may have to park in one area, visit another for the ceremony and then another for the reception.

It can get even more confusing if you have fun activities planned like a photo booth.  How do they know where to go?

Chocolate butterbean
With these cute ideas like the rustic street-signs and the polished and clean parking sign below, your guests will be sure to appreciate your gesture in helping them get un-lost.  (Just think drunk guests at the end of the night)

Another great idea is if your event ends in the evening, make sure to light the way out of your venue.  Late at night it can get dangerous for guests that are unfamiliar with your location, especially if its dark and wooded.

Whether you choose a path of flickering candles , electric lights or even Solar, it will make a safe exit as well as give a beautiful look to your post-reception getaway.


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