Sep 22, 2010

What's your top 3?

Today we're talking about your top 3 important things for your bash.  In a wedding there are a lot of elements and when you're on a tight budget, it can be hard to pick what's most important to you.  The solution is to sit down with your significant other and pick the top 3 things that matter most to you and spend the most on that.

For me the most important thing is for people to have a good time and for my wedding to be outside the box.  So my top 3 things are Entertainment (DJ/Band), Food & Drinks, and location.  I didn't want just some big hall where it was a "wedding factory".  What I mean is some locations have more than 1 wedding going on at the same time and it's got no character.  Others are just a big room that looks nice inside, but its next to a busy road.  I wanted something different and exciting, so I've been looking a venues that have a beautiful inside & outside and are not your run-of-the-mill halls and country clubs.

Good food is also important.  I'm looking at places that either let you bring in your own chosen caterer or have an excellent on-site chef.  I also want someplace that will offer signature drinks and other options that are different and unique.

Entertainment.  We've all been to the wedding where the DJ is playing music that's inappropriate, boring or just doesn't make sense.  I absolutely want my guests to enjoy themselves, dance, sing and have a great time and the music and entertainment is what makes that happen. (the alcohol might help a tad too)


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