Sep 27, 2010

Reinvent the guestbook with photos

Image: OpulentCreationsEvents
The guest book is a long-standing tradition of the wedding.

You get to see your guests' best wishes for you on your big day and look back upon them when you get teary-eyed and sentimental. Rather than have a big white book and a pen, get creative and let guests have fun.

Rent a photo booth or get a Polaroid ready with a cool background that matches your theme.

Check out this wedding where they had a beach theme.   The bride and groom setup a rowboat with props and a cute background.

Once your guests take their pictures have them write their names and a sweet message for you. Glue it or place it in a guest-book or on a tack board for everyone to see.  You could also have a wedding tree for guests to hang their wishes for you onto.

The other nice bonus to the photo guestbook is that when your reading your wedding cards and opening gifts and you say to your Groom, "Hunny, look at the lovely card Aunt Ethel gave us." and when he looks at you and says, "Which one was Aunt Ethel again?" You can pull out the photo and show him the aunt he forgot about in your sea of 500 guests.


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