Nov 5, 2010

Lace themed wedding

Source: Martha
Love lace and want to incorporate it into your Wedding or Event?  Check out these beautiful ideas for a lacy and lovely event.

To the left you'll see a beautiful way to use those doilies.  Not just for tossing under a stack of cupcakes, doilies can be your best friend when decorating with a lace theme.

Use them to make envelopes, incorporate them into your invitations, even make flowers with them.  The possibilities are endless.

source: oncewed

From: Martha
Make a pretty garland strand, seen here to the right using paper doilies and other odds and ends. 

Don't want to drape the doilies across a ceiling or wall?  Hang them from the ceiling for an ethereal effect on your venue.

Looking for an idea for your table numbers?  Mimic the pretty lacy envelopes, by using this similar idea as above from Martha.

Looking for something exciting for your Cake table?  How about a soft doily covered table?

While this table was custom made, you can do something quite similar and with an even more dramatic effect. 
Source: LynneRutter

What you'll need:
- Purchase two large round pieces of plexiglass or two pieces of real glass.
- Find a bunch of doilies (lace or paper will do)
- Get at least 4 solid acrylic blocks or cylinders about 3" in width and an 1" or two in height
- Purchase some string lights or battery operated candles (tea lights).

-Place your doilies sandwiched between your two pieces of the plexi / glass piece.
- scatter your acrylic blocks/ cylinder on the table in a pattern that is evenly spaced around.
- Lay out your string lights or battery operated tea lights over the table.
- Place your sandwiched doily plexi / glass tabletop on top of the acrylic blocks.

Viola! you have a pretty glowing table scape to place your cake or even your place cards on.


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