Nov 9, 2010

Two new ways to "release" some fun at your wedding or event

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We've all seen birdseed, confetti and bubbles after the ceremony, but for something a bit different and very personalized to your color scheme or logo/ monogram, there are two very exciting options for you.

The first is colored bubbles.  Yes, that's right, the bubbles you've learned to love and associate with your childhood can now be color matched to your wedding.  It's called Zubbles and they're brightly colored bubbles that don't stain!

 Imagine having a bubble machine at your reception with colored bubbles in your color theme, or give guests bubbles to blow after your ceremony!  With Zubbles, you can have a magical event that everyone will remember.

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Want something more personalized?  Then flogo's might be right for you. 

What is a flogo?  It's a floating logo that's produced by using helium, soaps and even dye.  Think of it as a giant "soap cloud". 

Use it to promote your company brand, your wedding monogram or even your event theme.  The company claims their soap clouds are much more eco-friendly than balloons and naturally dissolve in the air.

While a cool idea, flogos will run you quite a bit of money to rent for the day.


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