Nov 3, 2010

Maid of Honor / Best Man Speech Tips & Sample

Are you about to make a Maid of Honor or Best Man speech and forgot your notes?  Maybe you're a procrastinator and thinking while in the limo to the church "how the heck am I going to say anything halfway good now” ?   Don't panic.  I've got some tips and a speech guide below to help you write a dang good speech well though out before, or even last minute.

Important Tips to Remember
  1. Don't get too drunk.  I went to one wedding where the Maid of Honor got trashed before the speech.  It was a complete horror show when she got up and started giving her speech.  Don't make the same mistake.
  2. Don't make it long-winded.  Short and sweet speeches are memorable, to the point and won't be the bane of everyone's night
  3. Think about your audience.  While all the groomsmen might have thought it was hilarious that the groom threw a block of ice at a homeless man when he was 13, it might horrify your guests and embarrass the groom.  Refrain from telling stories that could embarass or make someone upset.
  4. Don't make public any upset or dislike you have for any party.  If say, you hate the groom, don't mention it or be rude or mean in your speech.  Think about what the root of the problem is beforehand.  Are you jealous? Are you actually concerned for the welfare of the Bride because you know something she doesn't?  If you have a real concern, airing these issues at the wedding will be too late and you'll look like a jerk.
Quick Speech Guide to help you build a better Maid of Honor / Best Man Speech

1. How long you and the bride/groom have been friends
Include a couple of funny stories to emphasise the bond.
2. When or how he/she met the bride/groom.
Maybe you were afraid you were going to lose your friend or your friend spent a lot of time with their new S/O
3. How your fears were unfounded, the bride/groom is pretty cool and knows how to share.
4. How far from losing a friend, you have gained another one (bride/groom)
5. Wish everyone well, especially the couple.
6. Thank them both for being great friends.
7. Enjoy the applause.


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