Jun 10, 2011

Design a Perfect Bridal Shower Playlist + Free CD Label and Case Template

 Recently I hosted a lovely Bridal Shower for my good friend.  One of the most important things I created to create a mood and set the tone for the party was to create a playlist.  This is a simple but very important thing that most people would overlook while planning.  It's essential to know your crowd and choose songs accordingly.

In my case we had no budget for a professional DJ and it was hosted at the Bride-to-be's Grandmother's house, which didn't allow for a DJ and probably would've been a bit overkill for such a small crowd.

Things to keep in mind while building your playlist:
- Know your crowd.  Is everyone invited young, old or a mix or ages?
- Is this a female only crowd or a jack and jill?

 We had a big mix in age and the group was all female.  We chose two games.  The first was a guessing game for the bride to see how much she knows about the groom.  The second was the toilet paper dress game where the 4 bridesmaids broke up into teams of guests and the guests in their team then dressed the BM's up in toilet paper.  The BM's then did a runway show for the bride (to I'm too sexy) and the bride then choose which dress she liked best.  The team that won each got a bottle of wine.
Verbatim 94554 700 MB 52x 80 Minute Branded Recordable Disc CD-R, 100-Disc Spindle
How I built my list:
I tried to start with happy low key music and build to very girly and fun music in the middle of the cd (I want candy, etc.) For when the bride opened up her gifts.  The CD slowly descends into mellower music (with exception for the last song).  I positioned the last song to be the "runway music" to easily find the song we were looking for.  You could bump a song like this to the top as well.

My Playlist
Abba - Take a Chance on Me
Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole lotta shaking going on
Going to the Chapel
We're having a party
Ain't too proud to beg
Uptight (everything's alright)
Mama loves mambo
Kool & the Gang - ladies night
Bangles - I want candy
Cindi Lauper - Girls just wanna have fun
Queen - Crazy little thing called love
You can't hurry love
Sugar, Sugar
Neil Young - Cherry, Cherry
Robert Palmer - Addicted to Love
Grease - You're the one that I want
Twisting the night away
Sam Cook - Cupid
Madonna - Crazy for you
Stop! in the name of love
Righteous Brothers - You've lost that loving feeling
Monkey's - Daydream believer
Right Said Fred - I'm too sexy (last song for runway show)

Avery 8960 Matte Full Face CD Label (White)To finish off your wonderful playlist, you could make a copy for all the guests and give it as a favor or just take the 1 copy you made and give it to the Bride.  If you so choose to do either, it's nice to make your CD more presentable by decorating the Jewel Case, the CD label or both!

You can find a wonderful template here for the CD labels. It covers most any CD you may have on hand.


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