Jun 17, 2011

Sweet Inspiration: Deliciously Different Wedding Menus

Searching for the perfect Menu for my upcoming wedding, I looked for some menus that were different, fun and had a unique flavor all their own. From personalized to pretty, this group of unique menus has it all!

From Top Left to right:
  • This surfboard menu is perfect for a west coast wedding.  You could also use a rowboat to display your menu for a nautical or beach-side wedding. (image: brides.com)
  • These chopsticks inside a printed menu is as functional as it is perfect for an asian wedding (image: brides.com)
  • Chalkboard menus are really hot and trendy right now in displaying a bar, drink, dinner or in this case a Cake Buffet menu. (image:SarahkChen)
  • Think outside the box with a round menu printed in the pretty colors of your wedding or event. (image: brides.com
  • Treat your guests with tropical loveliness by placing a flower on your menu. ( image: mydesignsensations)
  • Printing your menu on a natural paper or burlap with a vintage font and image can give your wedding or event a rustic feel.  Complete the look with string or rope. (image: bridalbuds)
  • Place goodies, treats and surprises inside a brown paper bag printed with a menu.  Perfect for a rustic wedding! (image: tecpetajaphoto)
  • Remember the Cootie Catcher from middle school?  Give guests something fun to do at your table while they're eating! (image: pixelperfectmm)
  • Want to give your guests the grand overview of the day?  Try a booklet menu.  They can get all their information in one handy book. (image: Bella Forte)
  • For something pretty and functional, try printing your menu on the tablecloth guests will be using.  It will add some interest to a basic white tablecloth.  You can also drop your paper printed tablecloth down to overhang under your plates. (image: marthastewart)
  • Want your guests to feel the love?  How better than to give them a heart-shaped menu?  This has a bonus DIY craft for you to follow.  This is also a great craft for a valentine's day party!  (image: ohcrafts)
  • How sweet it is when your menu doubles as your favor!  This couple chose to have their menus printed in chocolate.  What a delicious and sweet idea! (image: styleunveiled)
  • Birds of a feather will flock to this craft.  If you're having feathers or a peacock themed wedding, add a simple feather to your dinner menu for added flair! (image: eventhouseblog)

I hope the board I've created can inspire brides and event planners everywhere to spruce up their boring menu with a little flair.  It doesn't take a lot to add a little pizazz to a basic menu.  Add your colors, a theme or a personal touch and it can make all the difference.


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