Jun 7, 2011

Post-Wedding Brunch

See below for image sources
While we would have loved to have a post-wedding brunch at the same place we're having the Reception, unfortunately his brunch prices were crazy. He wanted $30 per person for eggs, pancakes and bagels. Pahh-leeze. What do you think this is? The The Bristol Lounge in Boston? At least they'll serve you a more upscale meal with things like crab cake benedict for the same price.

Since we had to rule out our reception location, I considered the elks club down the road. I'll have to price out rental for the morning. If it's all included with food, it might be worth it. If not, I might have to DIY breakfast which means a very limited menu to things that can be pre-prepared.

Image Sources from left to right:
Drink dispenser
cinnamon roll lollipops
Waffle bread pudding with strawberry sauce
yogurt granola fruit martini
Apple & Cinnamon Strata


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