Aug 19, 2011

Diy super-cheap Shoe bling

Nina Women's Evelixa-Ls Open-Toe Pump,Ivory,8.5 M USAs you know I've been going wedding shoe crazy. I first didn't want white shoes because I felt, "where the heck will I ever be able to wear white shoes again?" and, "colored shoes would be so fun!"

So I bought two pairs of Nina Shoes (elke) in Navy and Fushia.  The fushia I returned immediately because they were quite purple.  Not even close to the super hot pink I imagined.  The Navy I loved, but was concerned with the heel height.  I still have them, not sure if I should keep them or return them.

Then I heard the screaming from my mother and grandmother.  OMG I can't believe you're going to wear colored shoes, how: ugly, aweful, disgusting, terrible, horrible (insert adjective here).

So I decided to go on another shoe shopping journey to find the perfect shoe.  I ended up falling in love with two more pairs!  (There goes my wedding budget)  The first I loved because it was practical.  It looked like a shoe I could wear with multiple outfits and not look "wedding-like".  That was the Nina Evelixa.  It was Ivory, but I was concerned it would be too light for my dress.  I then found another shoe that I loved in gold.  It had fluffy fabric flowers on the side of the shoe with bling centers!  It was made for me.  I brought both home and the ivory ones matched perfectly, while the gold was, well... too gold.  But I am keeping the gold ones because they are awesome.  How can you say no to a shoe with fluffy flowers with bling centers?

To jazz up my shoes for the wedding I looked online for shoe clips.  Not only are they expensive, they didn't have anything I loved.  I did want a temporary solution to just add the bling for 1 day and didn't want to spend a fortune.  Then it came to me.....

I had recently made a trip to Michaels craft store for some rhinestones and found some cool embelishments in the scrapbooking section that had adhesive backing on a strip.  I had bought ones that had a mix of pearls and rhinestones, but you could get all rhinestones, all pearls or colored rhinestones if you wanted.  The brand I used is called recollections.
Each package cost around maybe $2.  You would only need 1 package to do a pair of shoes.

Simply open the package, pull off a strip of rhinestones/ pearls and place across the center ruffle of your shoe.  The adhesive is sticky enough to feel secure and hold on the shoe for about 1 or 2 uses, but not permenent enough to be stuck on forever, being the perfect fix for ANY pair of shoes you want to spruce up for an event, but don't want it to be permanant.  You are also able to reposition if needed.  Now you can purchase these rhinestones and even wrap you heel with them!

Remember to remove the stickers after you are done with them.  I'm sure that while not permanent, the adhesive could leave a discolored mark on your shoes after a bit of time.


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