Aug 30, 2011

Welcome letters for Guest Out-of-Town bags

When looking for the perfect venue, my fiance and I decided that an optimal thing to have would be hotel rooms for our guests.  We had a few people from out of state and we knew we wanted an all night open bar.  This way if we had a location with hotel rooms, guests had no excuse 1. to drive home drunk and 2. mooch off of relatives by crashing at their house.

Many brides are now opting to make the experience of their guests extra-special by providing a mini-concerge package for guests staying overnight.  It's a really nice and thoughtful way to provide for those people that had to trek a long way to your wedding.

What's an Out-of-town bag (a.k.a.  OOT bag) and what's included in it?
An out of town bag can be geared towards one goal or cover all your bases.  Some brides want the basics;  water bottles and snacks.  With the basic option, guests don't have to raid the mini fridge and get charged $10 for a bag of peanuts and a water.  Brides sometimes include relevant location items for guests convenience.  So if you were having a beach wedding, you could include sunblock, aloe, local maps & postcards of the area.  Another popular option is a Hangover kit.  Some brides provide things like asprin, tums, eye masks and ice packs.  You can pick and choose special things you and your fiance share to be included and a special note is always nice.

What's in your OOT bag?  Thanks for asking.  My OOT bag will include:
- water (with my custom DIY labels)
- snacks (nautical themed foods)
- local maps & discounts
- a welcome letter with our favorite restaurants, cool things to do, important phone numbers & photo information.
- Our wedding party will recieve a hangover helper kit in addition to the above.


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