Sep 9, 2011

Free DIY template - Best Wishes Bird Garland

From the Feather collection and part 2 of our series giveaway comes another freebee for you.  Our DIY garland template.
Click here to download the garland template.

What you'll need:

How to:
  1. Print two copies of the file on heavy cardstock and cut out the rounds.
  2. Take some crepe paper and fold accordian style around each round from the 1st sheet you cut out so you get a fanned out circle; glue down the crepe paper.
  3. Lay out the letters to say "Best Wishes", then flip them so that the backs are facing you.
  4. Take a piece of satin ribbon and lay it on top of the crepe papered letters; glue the ribbon to the crepe letter.
  5. Place some glue on top of the ribbon on each letter.  Take your matching letter (so "B" with "B", etc.) and place it on top.  You should now have a "letter sandwich"  That is layered letter, crepe paper, ribbon, letter.
  6. Repeat this for all the letters spelling out "Best Wishes" 

Use the Bird circles either in the center of the two words, or print extras to make pretty ribbons to hang or pin onto your Bride-to-Be.
Feel free to embelish these with glitter, rhinestones or anything else you like.

I apologize for the shot above.  I had forgotten a big part of the sign, ribbon.  It was really tough to get the sign to stay put because of it.  make sure you remember to use ribbon instead of string.


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