Sep 16, 2011

It's Freebie Friday! Feather Collection Bridal Shower Menu

Looking to showcase your line-up of delicious foods for your Bridal Shower?  Look no further than the beautiful Blue and Gold Feather-themed menu we have today. 

It's part of our 4 week giveaway.

The menu in this post is an example of what types of foods you could serve at your Bridal Shower. 

In the free download the foods have been left blank so you can add whatever foods you wish.

What are all those crazy titles? 
If Teapots Could Talk: Fun Ideas For Tea PartiesI've put the titles in English and French.  They run as follows:
  • Start - This could be an appetizer, refreshment or simple amuse-bouche 
  • Savory - Anything savory would be something without a lot of sweetness to it.  Meat, sandwiches, vegetables.  Place your main food served at your event into this category.
  • Sweet - This would be where you would list your dessert(s)
  • Refreshments - Any beverages you plan to serve would go in this section.


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