Sep 5, 2011

Hair & Makeup trial run

Half updo
This week was hair and makeup trial week. I had done a lot of research on what hairstyles I liked and settled on something very soft and romantic looking. I'm not really an updo person. I feel like they're just not my style.

When you begin your hair and makeup search, look at everything. There are three main ways to wear your hair:
  1. Updo
  2. Half-and-half
  3. Down
 If you have very short hair, you may only be able to wear your hair down or possibly have your hairdresser do something in an updo style by pinning small curls or fingerwaves around your face.

Half up-do from the back with pinned curls
If your hair length is medium or long hair, you can do any of the three types. There are so many beautiful ways to wear your hair it can be exhausting. I recommend deciding on one of the three categories first, then looking at all the hairstyles that fall into that category.

Hair Tips:

  • If you tend to have frizz (like me) make sure you put enough pomade or silicone product into your hair to avoid catastrophe. After styling, hold your style with a light hairspray. 
  • "Dirty" or unwashed hair with leftover product is easier for a stylist to work with than freshly cleaned hair. The only exception to this is for someone with oily hair.
  • If your hair tends to be oily, you'll want to wash it right before your hair appointment or have your hairdresser wash it at the salon.

If you don't tend to wear a lot of makeup, your wedding day shouldn't be the time to cake it on. For a natural girl, it's best to just stay with a light natural look to your makeup. You should however ALWAYS have makeup on your wedding day. Even if it's basic, it makes a huge difference in your photos.
If you love your makeup, today can be the day to flaunt your style.  Are you glamorous, dramatic or fun & flirty?  Just don't go crazy.  Do several different styles and have your bridesmaids, family or friends help you vote on your wedding day look.

Makeup Tips:
  • Take lots of photos of your trial run. Sometimes the lighting will display your look one way and natural light another.
  • You may discover that the glittery eye shadow that looked great at the salon, looks garrish in your photos.
  • The easiest way to have beautiful makeup is to first start with beautiful skin.  Drink lots of water, use moisturising day & nightcream.  Exfoliate when necessary and try to get a facial 1 month before your wedding.
  • Wear a white shirt to your trial appointment. You may find that the colors you originally wanted don't look good against white.
  • Make sure your colors look good with your skintone, haircolor & eyecolor.  If you have a girl with olive skin, black hair and green eyes, it probably won't look the same on a girl with pale skin, blonde hair, and brown eyes.
  • Try a base primer for your skin and an eyeshadow primer for your eyes.  Both will help to smooth out imperfections and make your makeup last longer.



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