Nov 7, 2011

Boston Brides take two big hits in a couple of months

Brides trying on gowns at the Running of the Brides
We were all disappointed to hear that the fantastic designer house, Pricilla of Boston was going out of business. This high end designer Bridal Boutique was a luxurious and well-loved fixture in the Boston Bridal scene. While many of their gowns were priced well out of reach of Brides on a budget, Boston Brides always had another source for beautiful designer gowns, for a fraction of the cost; The Running of the Brides.

For those of you that never heard of it, the running of the brides was an event that happened typically twice annually in Boston and once a year in select cities around the country. It was such a big event, brides would fly from other states, even other countries just to get a deal on a gown.

How good were the deals? Well, the most you would pay for a dress is $699 and dresses could be $10,000 or more, depending on the designer. Some dresses are priced $199 or $249.
Lace edge mantilla veil
Romantic Lace Mantilla Style Veil for Less!

How did they sell the dresses for those prices?
Well, they're sample dresses. They're the "floor model" if you will. All those big bridal boutiques have these gowns on display and they get tried on and worn out. Zippers might be broken and some beads might have fallen off. They're also "last season" so designers are updating their looks. To me, nobody at your ceremony is going to shout while you're walking down the aisle, "Hey, that's last season!". If they don't know, why should it matter?

Traditional Veil for less!
Get a Traditional Veil for Less!
What's the event like?  You have to really want to get a deal and feel up to the challenge of a hunt and major chaos. They mix up the styles and sizes on purpose so nobody has an unfair advantage when the doors open.  It's women sleeping outside and trampling each other when those doors open to grab as much stuff as they can to try on.  In  under a minute the racks are stripped bare and the Brides-to-be start trying on as many dresses as they can.  Stuff that doesn't fit or isn't their style goes back on the rack for another bride to try her luck.

If you like the calm atmosphere of a bridal salon or a professional consultant to suggest certain styles or colors, the ROTB is not for you. If you want your gown to be altered and bustled by the same place where you purchase your gown, the ROTB is not for you. If you are not the aggressive type, then ROTB is not for you.

If you are willing to do whatever it takes for a deal, are on a tight budget or get a thrill from knocking people over to get a gown, this even was for you.

The Running of the Brides will be sorely missed, however Brides still have options for designer gowns at a reduced price. Keep checking my blog for articles on how to save on gowns and more!
Reasonably Priced Vintage style Birdcage Veil
Reasonably Priced Vintage Style Birdcage Veil


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