Nov 11, 2011

A christmas cocktail party and a FREE template!

Please don't get mad that I'm talking about Christmas when it's not thanksgiving yet... 

Hey, at least I'm not one of those crazy people that puts up their lights and decorations before Halloween even happens.  Yeah, you know what neighbors I'm talking about.

Anyway, you have to start thinking about these things ahead of time, especially since everyone's party calender gets totally filled up if you wait until December.

So Today I'm sharing my DIY Christmas cocktail party invitations.  I think they're fun and festive and perfect for my low-key get-together.

If you want these to be even more festive then I recommend glittering all the red sections of the invitations with red glitter, the same way I did in step no. 5 below.

You can also take a clear piece of plastic, double it and cut it to the shape of the white "drink" section of the martini glass, then fill it with Christmas confetti.  Seal the bag and sandwich it between two martini glasses, or simply tape it to the backside of the martini glass.  Guests will get a cheerful surprize when opening their invitation.

What you'll Need:

How to Put it all together
  1. Put your Cardstock paper in your printer and adjust the settings for a heavy weight paper.
  2. Open and print my Template Here.
  3. Lay it out on your self-healing mat and begin cutting out your Martini Glass with an x-acto knife.  You may want a ruler for the long straight edges if you don't have a steady hand.
  4. Cut out your tag shapes and punch a hole in the top of each.
  5. Place a line of glue across the top of your martini glass and hold over a trash barrel while you sprinkle with glitter. Tap excess glitter off into the barrel.
  6. Cut your ribbon to your desired length and thread through the hole punch and around the top stem of the glass. Tie in a bow.
  7. Fill out your tag with your event details.
  8. Place in a #10 size envelope and mail off to your guests!


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