Feb 4, 2012

2012 Wedding Trend Predictions

photo via: bridalcookie
Want to know what Wedding Trends will be hot in 2012?  I've compiled my top 10 predictions for this years big ideas.

1. Smaller guest lists for a more lavish wedding. When you have a smaller group, you can spend more money per person (aka you're wedding looks extravagant and you can spoil your guests!)
2. Making your wedding a weekend event with a post-wedding brunch and scheduling fun local activities
3. Different Centerpieces. Rather than doing a tall epic centerpiece of flowers,think out-of-the-box like hanging centerpieces.
4. Hand-painted watercolor wedding invitations.  Think gorgeous florals and fruits cascading down your invitations all hand-painted.  Posh Parties is available for this service.

5. Destination Weddings.  While it used to be uncommon, no-fuss brides looking to have a memorable with close friends and family are choosing to tie the knot in exotic locations.  You can pamper your guests when you only have a handful of people going and it becomes more intimate with only the closest people in your life celebrating with you.
6. Mini desserts.  You've all seen the epic wedding cake, the cupcake tower and even the candy bar.  Get ready for mini desserts.  Brides are getting creative in their displays with gorgeous tablecloth fabrics, pedestal displays for food and a huge variety of dessert to choose from.  Think mini pies in every flavor, mini cakes, cake pops and more.
7. Passed foods during dancing.  I know you feed them well during dinner and you're feeding them dessert in a little while, but remember they're boogying it out on that dance floor all night.  They'll get hungry, but won't want to sit back down.  Have the waitstaff pass around finger foods during dancing.  You're guests will love you for it.
8. Color, color, color!  While we're not saying every bride wants to stray from white, you're sure to see a lot of brides donning hued gowns or pops of color in a sash, crinoline or funky veil.  Colored shoes are also very popular for brides.
9. Grooms getting involved.  While we're used to seeing men take a backseat in wedding planning, they're definitely coming out and getting more involved in the planning process.  Some of this is due in large part to the economy.  Men are tending to want to see more of the details of the process and not just start writing checks.  They're taking a more active role in the planning.
10. Over the top details.  Some brides see their day as a simple celebration of joining together.  My guess is that 2012 brides are going to go for the extraordinary.  From fireworks, to food trucks, you'll see surprises and luxe details around every corner.  This ain't you're momma's wedding!


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