Feb 9, 2012

Need some color inspiration for your wedding?

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If you're in need of some big color inspiration and you're totally in love with the spring and summer fashion lines coming out in 2012, you're in luck!  I've been tirelessly searching and putting together a fun, cheerful and funky inspiration board for you.  It's for a carnival inspired wedding, but the bright colors are great for any exotic color themed wedding or tropical destination wedding you might be planning.

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"A carnival themed wedding is all about fun.  The colors are bright, bold and cheerful.  Think teals & turquoise paired with orange and fuchsia."

The food and decor should be just as fun as the colors.  Instead of a big towering wedding cake, instead try a dessert bar with fun foods (carnival finds like fried dough/funnel cakes) or bright pink whoopie pies with rainbow sprinkles.

For cocktail hour serve fun food like popcorn from a machine or treats on a stick.  At the end of the night your guests will be hungry.  Hire a food truck to stop by with your favorite treats.

Need a different idea for displaying costly flowers?  Purchase candy in bulk, canning jars and bulk in-season flowers.  Arrange the tables with the jars filled with candy and a single bloom.  It will be visually interesting with all the color and something for guests to talk about.
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