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Aug 29, 2010

Fall Wedding, without the fall colors

So, I'm planning on having a lovely wedding bash next fall.  However, I don't want fall colors.  I'm afraid it will feel to halloween-ey for me.  Red and orange has never been my thing really.  What to do when fall is so associated with Orange, reds & yellows?

I'd love to pick colors that are a rich brown and dusty rose.  I feel they'll look fall, but not be too bright and garish.  Decorations will still have a flair for the season.  I'm doing pumpkins, leaves and branches.  But again that tricky orange, red and yellow comes into play.  No problem.  I'll only select barely yellow & brown leaves and I'm planning on painting the pumpkins white and stenciling them in brown or carving them.

Check out my plan with my inspiration board for decor and food.

I can't remember the sources for all of the above photos, but quite a few came from Martha Stuart.

In addition to the cute ideas above, I'd also love to do white pumpkins with pink flowers similar to the idea in the above right by Eddie Ross.  Get the DIY tutorial by clicking his name.


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