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Aug 23, 2010

Sweet Treats Inspiration Board

Feeling a little nontraditional?  Don't want a wedding cake?

There are other options.  I found these sweet treats online and thought they'd be a wonderful idea if you were going for something a little more modern than the staple wedding cake.

Want to make your own cookies?  check out these Wedding Cake Cookie Cutters

1.) Wedding cake cookies - :(  I can't find the creator, so let me know if you're the one who baked these pretty cookies
2.) Pink Coconut Ball -
3.) Parfait Bar - weddingbycolor
4.) individual cake balls  -
5.) Heart shaped cookie cutters -

Need a less expensive alternative?Check out this 3 Piece Hearts Cutter Set

Even if you do want a traditional wedding cake, there's no stopping you from having a candy bar or serving your guests something other than wedding cake.
Cupcake towers are very popular and can fit into a brides budget much better than $4/ slice of cake.

I love the parfait bar.  This is a much more healthy treat for guests and they'll feel like they are getting spoiled.   This would also work great if you do a post-wedding brunch in the morning.

The pretty coconut balls would be beautiful for a bridesmaid luncheon to finish off the day & cookies are always a nice and yummy treat for guests.

Still wondering what cake balls are?  Some do these with cake and others brownies.  You would make a whole batch of cake or brownies, crumble them into bits and roll into balls.  Make a chocolate (white or dark) to dip or pour onto the balls.  Decorate to your liking and place in candy cups.  It's a DIY cake-ball project anyone can do.  I've also seen people put their cake balls on sticks, like a pop treat.

Want some more ideas?  Here are some other sweet treats I like:

by Twig & Thistle
Japanese Wagashi Flowers - This particular kind to the right is called higashi,  a dry candy that's placed in a mold.  Isn't it the prettiest candy you've ever seen?

Want to learn more about these japanese candies?  Click here.

Want something that conjures up your childhood and is a fun treat for everyone?  How about s'mores kits?  These are a definite DIY'er perfect project.  Click here to find out more.


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