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Aug 19, 2010

Wedding gown shopping - Part 2

Maggie Sottero - Coco
So here I am trying on dresses. The first one I put on looked nice, but I knew it wasn't "it" or to be so cliche, "the one". To the left you will see the dress is Maggie Sottero's Coco.

However, when we put this on my friend, it looked like the dress for her.  (Please see the last post with her in this dress.)

The next dress (to the left)  We're getting warmer.  Very pretty.  (Also Maggie Sottero) However, I was told the back had pleats that just didn't look good.

So, onto the next.  I didn't take a picture of one dress I tried on because I knew immediately it wasn't for me.  It looked good, it was pretty, but it was too plain for me.  (I need a little bit of sparkle you know. ;)  )

Now onto the winner for the day for me.  Maggie Sottero's Leoni in White Diamond.  Oh, I looked and felt like a fairytale princess.  Yay!

I wouldn't have thought of even trying this one on based on the online photo.  the bottom looks like it's a heavy fabric on her website, here you can see it's pretty and flowy.

I also thought I'd love a strapless, but the one strap is what makes this dress interesting.

Now we'll be off to the running of the Brides this friday.  Let's see if I can find anything that can compare or exceed my beautiful Leoni gown


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