Feb 7, 2011

My Fun and Funky Wedding Shoes

Betsey Johnson Layla
As in a previous post, I encouraged all brides to move beyond the classic white shoes for some fun and flirty photos.

Since my wedding colors are navy and fuschia/hot pink, I naturally longed for shoes that would fit my personality.  I found a pair I loved, but alas they do not make them anymore.  I wanted to cry.  Are these not the most fabulous shoes in the history of world?

They are by Betsey Johnson and they are called Layla.  They're two different shades of pink, covered in glitter and have lots of Bling.  They are definitely my style.  But I seem to have discovered them too late.  They don't make them anymore.  That might be a good thing. 

I don't think my future husband would like going out with me while I'm wearing these little beauties.   They are pretty over-the-top.

Elke in Navy
Even though I was pretty disappointed I wouldn't get my Layla shoes, I decided to continue my quest for some really cute shoes to wear with my gown. 

I found a pair I really liked.  I think they're a little more classy than the Layla shoes and I can wear them out after!  The brand is Nina and the shoes are called Elke. 

Guess what?   They make them in Navy and Fushia!  I couldn't decide which pair I wanted, so I broke down and got both.  Once they arrive I'll show off my beautiful pairs of shoes.

Elke in Fushia

What I think I'll end up doing is wearing the blue pair for my rehearsal dinner and the fuchsia pair for the actual wedding.


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