Feb 6, 2011

Cookies and Milk

What food does everyone love and remember from their childhood as a delicious treat?  That would be cookies & milk. Nothing quite beats a cold glass of milk paired with some warm yummy chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven.  If for nothing else, your house smells delicious after.

Your guest will appreciate it too if you give them a little treat. Whether it's your favor to your guests, or boxed up as a midnight snack for out-of-town guests to take away with them, everyone loves cookies and milk.

Some brides might even forgo the cake and go straight for a dessert buffet/bar, of course, including the classic cookies.

Cookie Buffet DIY how to:
Make your batches of cookie dough 1 week in advance and freeze.  The day before, place in the fridge to thaw, then proceed to bake.  Get lots of pretty dishes to serve your cookies in.  Make sure to mix up heights by placing some cookies on pedestals. Use doilies and other pretty papers to place cookies on. 

Grab some glass milk bottles filled with 1%, whole, chocolate and even strawberry if you're feeling wild. Place them in a tub filled with ice and you have a perfect treat for your guests!


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