Feb 5, 2011

Wedding Trend: Photojournalistic Photography

If you're a bride like me, you dread the traditional wedding photo album.  I can't stand the rigidity of classic wedding photos.  Stand here, turn your head and smile.  It's so stiff and unnatural looking.  Then add the edge fade to the photos and I go just about nutty.  It's so cheesy.

web source: dolcesposa.com image: earthyphotography.com
Luckily there is some hope for you if you're looking for something different!  Try a photojournalistic photographer.   They'll capture moments that look and feel spontaneous, natural and fun.  You can still ask for your photos with your family together, but the majority of photos will be fun, exciting and will capture the true memories of the day.

What does photojournalistic photography look like?

Your photography should be looking for exciting shots throughout the day to tell a story in pictures.  He or she will be shooting pictures of things like the bride getting ready, the bridal party laughing in the limo and the groomsmen doing silly things before the wedding.  Your photographer will probably want to do some unconventional shots too, like photos in unlikely places and glamour shots.

The photography below took advantage of the bride having her bridesmaids carry parasols.  This unconventional shot made for a great photo.
image: http://www.hephoto.ca


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