Feb 22, 2011

Bridesmaid dresses and a Mom-zilla

This past weekend was our Bridesmaid Dress search.  I can tell you that my bridesmaids are great, it's dealing with my mom that isn't.  From seeing other moms at dress shops and my own experience, it seems like moms seem to think it's their day.  Does anyone else have the same experience with a Mom-zilla or do you seem to find your wedding to be a great bonding experience?

I've dealt with my mother saying I look fat in wedding dresses, to saying my color palettes should change to X to saying that my taste is horrendous.

I'm glad i picked out my gown with my friends rather than my mom; especially after my first try with her met with less than great confidence.

So since she nagged to come to the Bridesmaid dress search, I had her come along.  While (thank goodness) she didn't call my bridesmaids fat, she did put in her two cents... and not in a good way.  It wasn't a constructive criticism or a maybe you should try this or any sort of support.  It was, "You need to pick this dress length, this dress and this dress color".  I finally had it and said, "Listen, it's my wedding and I'm going to pick the bridesmaid dress that I think is best."  I said to myself,"Maybe I just came across as a bitch in front of my bridesmaids and the whole dress shop, but whatever.  She's being really demanding."

Am I out of line?  I don't mind her thoughts, but it was like she was making the final decision.

Here is the dress.  I loved it because it was glamorous, it worked on the body of all my girls and everyone seemed to like the dress.


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