May 9, 2011

And the honeymoon is booked...

So Mr. Posh and I finally decided upon our honeymoon destination.  I had originally said my number one choice would be Europe and next on my list would be St. Maartin or someplace warm and tropical.

Mr. Posh balked at the idea of Europe.  He knew our trip would be quite expensive.  I agree, I knew it would be well over our budget, but when you're getting married and have no children, it's best to go before you have children, otherwise you'll never go (well, maybe when your kids are 20 years old!)

Our search started with St. Maartin.  We're big foodies and knowing that St. Maartin (french side) is well known  for it's culinary delights, it was a no-brainer.  We were horrified by the cost.  To stay on the French side is significantly more expensive than the Dutch side.  The worst part was flights.  Have you seen how much they cost?  Yikes!  The flights were such a huge part of the cost (almost $1000 per person) we had to nix that.

Next was tropical destinations.  I have already been to Mexico and Dominican Republic.  I can say I really enjoyed Mexico, but disliked Dominican.  When I brought Mexico up to Mr. Posh, he didn't seem enthusiastic.  The thought of Mexican food every night didn't really do it for him.  That made us cross pretty much all the South American destinations off the list of potential honeymoon locations.  California and Hawaii were also some suggestions I threw out.  Everything on the west coast is super expensive.  Completely ruling it out.

Mr. Posh recommended we do an east coast cruise that goes to Nova Scotia.  I just sort of felt "meh" about it.  I'd go check out Nova Scotia, but not really digging it for my honeymoon.

But then I circled back to Europe.  "How about a cruise to Europe?" , I asked Mr. Posh.  He still thought it would be too expensive.  Well the price of flights were about the same to Europe as they were Hawaii and California.  Might as well do Europe.  I wanted to see France, Monaco & Italy.  We found a 2 week cruise that hits all those places and more all for $7k.  No stay in Europe would be that inexpensive.  Plus the hassle of unpacking and re-packing a million times to every country and hotel was too much.  The cruise will be perfect.  Most meals are pre-paid, we leave our stuff on the boat and don't have to worry about trains or transportation.

Pretty soon Mr. Posh and I will be living La Dolce Vita . :)


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