May 20, 2011

Something's all about the shoes

My wedding has a fun nautical theme to it, complete with a beautiful ocean view.  Rather than go with a boring white or ivory shoe that I'll never wear again, I was debating between either pink or blue, since those are my colors.

After trying on several shoes in pink that I didn't like, I finally decided to go for a dark navy blue.  A stunning contrast.  I was actually afraid it might be too dark of a thing to wear with my dress!

That was short-lived, until I found several photos of other brides in blue shoes.  I love the contrast and I think it will make for some memorable photos.

Not only did I run across colored shoes, but I also saw some gorgeous print shoes out there.  Some brides are really wearing funky and fun things.  From beautiful hand-painted shoes to leopard print, you imagination is the limit to what you can put on your feet.

What did I end up going with for my shoes?
This lovely navy blue shoe is from Nina and it's called Elke.  I loved the bit of bling in the center of the bow.

The rich navy blue will look lovely peeking out from under my ivory gown. Love them!

Whether your shoes are Navy blue, pink, or even leopard print, a pair of shoes that are uniquely you will make a statement at your wedding.

peep-toe navy blue shoes with bling!


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