Apr 1, 2011

Card Box Eye Candy

Today I have a special DIY for you.  It's how I made my card box for my wedding.  It took me two days and about $15 to make.  This is a super bargain considering that if you bought a similar card box from a website I shall not name, it would cost you around $150 for this beauty.

What you'll need:
- glue gun
- glue sticks
- scissors
- fabric or nice wrapping paper (I got mine at Jo-Ann Fabric)
- ribbon (the larger ribbon was $3.99 at Michael's)
- embelishments
- 3 sheets of foam board (I got mine at AC Moore for .99cents a sheet)

How to Construct:
1. Draw out your squares for the boxes.  My bottom box consisted of 6 sides and the dimensions are 11x11" for each square.
2. So this is what I mean by using the extra space.  I just created squares for the other two boxes out of the "empty space" on the foam board.  The purple represents the second box and the green represents the top box.  You will need 5 squares of the second box and 6 squares of the top box.
3. Cut a square hole in one of the 11x11" foam pieces that is about .5" smaller than the center box.  Discard this piece of foam.
4. Cut a 3 sided square in another 11x11" foam piece.  For the 4th cut you make to complete the square DO NOT cut completely through.  This will create a flap that swings open at the bottom of your box so you can retrieve your cards easily.
5. On one of your middle box foam pieces cut a slit in the middle about 3/4" tall and about 4 1/2 - 5 1/2" long.  This will be the hole that people can put their cards into.
6. Start with your top box (the smallest).  glue all 6 sides together.
7. For your middle box, glue on all the sides and the top.  There will not be a bottom.
8. For the bottom box glue all your sides, your bottom with the flap swinging out towards you, and your top with the hole slightly smaller than the middle box.
9. Start wrapping.  Either using wrapping paper or fabric, wrap each box just like a present, however you will have to criss-cross the fabric on the sides in order to flap over the fabric straight down.
10. Cut a center line through the hole where the cards will be inserted and small slits for the corners.  Place some glue on each piece now created (4) and wrap inwards into the box hole.
11. Glue the top box to the middle box and the middle box to the bottom box.  There should be a nice lip for the middle box to sit on.
12. Cut your ribbon or place whatever embelishments you want on your box.
Viola! you have a beautiful card box!

For another explanation, please see my video below.


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