Apr 12, 2011

DIY Signature drink menu

Are you on a really tight budget for your next Event or Wedding? Have you considered a signature cocktail instead of a full bar? Signature drinks are a trendy option that allows you to offer your guests a fun cocktail on a limited budget. Most guests won't even notice the difference. Instead of offering them everything anyone could ever want, limit your selection, or simply offer the signature drinks, beer and wine.

Have fun making your menu. One of the best parts of offering your signature drinks is making your menu. You can name your drinks based on your theme and even invent entirely new themes. For today's DIY How-to I'm showing you how to make a cute Signature Drink Menu for almost nothing. So for those that are on a budget, this project is fantastic and cheap!

What you'll need:
- Heavy Cardstock
- Fonts you like (download free fonts at places like Dafont.com)
- My template (It's simply an letter sized piece of paper cut in two and then backers placed on them)
- Scissors or a paper cutter
- Tape or glue

  1. Download my template or create your own.
  2. If using my template, cover up whatever drinks/designs you don't want and put in your own.  I recommend using a program like Adobe Illustrator, but if you don't have it any other editing program will do.  Even Microsoft Word is a good candidate.
  3. Print your Document out on heavy cardstock.
  4. Cut out your template with a paper cutter or scissors.
  5. Fold on the dashed lines.
  6. Place a piece of tape on the folded strip of paper or glue down to the back of your menu.  Do not place the bottom part of the "stand" directly on the bottom of your menu.  Raise it up about a half inch or so.  It won't stand up nicely otherwise.
  7. Viola! you have a cheap or free Drink menu.

Place your folded "stand" about 1/2" up from the bottom of the back of your menu
You can also enhance your menu with feathers, gems, ribbon or other embellishments.  I will be placing a rhinestone in the center of my compass.


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