Apr 19, 2011

Cotton Candy Cocktail Signature Drink

If you read my recent post on how-to make your own Signature Drink Bar Menu's for your next event or wedding, you would have noticed a certain special ingredient on the list...cotton candy.

We decided on a very limited bar selection.  This included Beer (probably 3 kinds: 1 light, and two regular options), Wine (2 reds, 1 white option) , extremely limited liquour (maybe 2-3 kinks) and two signature drinks (both incorporating the same main component, vodka).  The reason for this was simple, to save money and waste.  If we offered everything under the sun for drinks, we'd have a lot of opened-for-one-drink leftovers.  This way we minimize waste.

My idea came from an episode of David Tutera's My Fair Wedding.  In it he served a simple drink with cotton candy as the "sugar rim". When the drink was poured over it, it melted into the glass.  It was a really cool show-stopping drink.  I have to have it.  Isn't it the most fabulous thing you've ever seen?


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