Apr 27, 2011

Sneek Peek: So many dresses. Which would I pick?

Probably my favorite from the bridal salon.  Sparkles galore a flowy skirt and one shoulder.
Decisions, Decisions. So many dresses to choose from. We clearly have some contenders.

I have gone to 3 places to look at dresses. The first was a bridal salon that had a selection of lovely gowns. The price tag did get me a bit scared and I found a dress I liked, but did not love.

I tried on several other dresses that were lovely, but were never "the one" I know so cliche to say it, but it's true. You have to feel like it's the perfect dress for you. If you don't you just can't buy it.

Very pretty gowns.  I'm in love.
loved it on the hanger, not so much on me
I did know one thing. I wanted sparkle, sparkle, sparkle on my dress. Not big huge chunky rhinestones, but little sparkly beads all over. A very pretty and timeless dress. I also knew I could not wear pure white, especially satin. My skin is so olive it looks strange and glowy on me. I also knew I wanted something very fitted on top with some flare on the bottom. Whether it be mermaid or A-line. Not really a fan of the princess poof. It's a bit much for me.

Vera Wang White for David's Bridal
A suggestion is to try on everything. You might have your heart set on a certain style, but if you find dress after dress isn't doing it for you, you may want to try on other cuts and styles. For example if you're quite busty it would be a bad idea to go for a sweetheart neckline, even though it's quite popular.

So with only one that I liked a lot at the Bridal shop I headed over to David's Bridal hoping to find something nice that was more affordable.  I walked in and lo and behold Vera Wang designed a collection for David's Bridal.  I had no idea!  I was so excited.  Especially when I saw they had a Wedding gown in Pink!  (well technically the color is called "blush"  whatever)  Here I am in the Vera Wang white.  It was very fun, but definitely did not meet my criteria for needed bling. 

It was only good once I put on a sparkly belt (which by the way was super-overpriced. $150 for a belt.  Are they crazy?).  I have since been told by people that the Vera Wang dress looks like toilet paper.  Lol, so now that's all I think of when I look at the photo.

yuck.  What an awful dress on.
Onward to the lowest cost place on the planet for a wedding gown (O.K. maybe Salvation Army is cheaper, but seriously, who goes and gets something pretty there?  They're all from the 1980's)  Try number 1 below ended quite unsuccessfully.  It's quite horrid if you ask me.  It makes me look fat and it's very unflattering.
yay a trumpet gown.

Moving along....  Next we have what I've been looking for in shape.  A trumpet gown.  Love the shape, however it doesn't meet my bling criteria and I did not like the black beading on top.  It's too plain and I have no desire to wear anything black on my wedding day.  Not my color scheme and very nontraditional.

So which did I pick?  Was it a dress from David's Bridal, the Bridal Salon or the Running of The Brides?

Answer: Running of the Brides, but I'm not showing you my dress until the wedding.  Sorry, but you'll just have to wait.


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