Apr 25, 2011

Paper flower crazy

I think it's official.  I've gone crazy for paper flowers.  I've devoted my time to making as many paper flowers as I possibly can.  Tutorial to follow shortly on how I'm making them....

Why, you may ask?  Well I've found that when you have one or two of something it's nice, however when you have hundreds and hundreds of a beautiful thing it gives that amazing "wow" factor that makes an event over the top.


A fantastic example of this is the Chanel fashion show that used hundreds of white paper flowers to cover every inch of the stairways and walls.

This stunning idea was then spotted again at this Alvina Valenta fashion show with a mix of white and yellow paper flowers.

Don't want the hassle of making hundreds of these intricate flowers yourself?  Check out sellers on etsy for bulk paper flowers that are handmade and beautiful.  Another great way to get that floral coverage without all the cutting and arranging is by purchasing floral fabric. You can easily roll out the fabric and cut it to the desired shape and size.

Another interesting way I've seen paper flowers used is as a pretty and interactive accent to walls.  You could easily replicate this in a child's bedroom by painting a tree on the wall or using one of those removable wall stickers and adding 3d paper flowers.

Are you inspired yet?  I'm tempted to cover every square inch of bare wall at my wedding with beautiful paper flowers.  I do have 5 months to go, that should be enough time... ;)

These walls of paper flowers are simply lovely and gorgeous.  They're sure to be a hit at your next event or wedding and guaranteed to be talked about for years to come!


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